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Medical Data Carrier


The Source for Sports Medical Data Carrier (MDC)

MDC is a no tech, no fail way for an athlete (or parent) to provide crucial, confidential medical and emergency contact information to a first responder. Many times, a " first responder" is your coaching team, a fellow athlete, someone's parent or a helpful Good Samaritan.

The MDC is comprised of a special vinyl sleeve that is affixed to your hockey helmet using our adhesive that is approved by the hockey helmet manufactures. That's right, it won't hurt your helmet! Our adhesive is even certified by United Laboratories.

Inside the vinyl sleeve is a two-sided medical data form that captures everything and more that the first responder, EMS and potentially the receiving hospital need to help perform their triage, treatment and administration. The form is made of a synthetic paper, kind of like our paper money, that is waterproof and tear-proof. It has been developed with and is approved by first responders here in Canada and around the world; many of whom use it themselves at work and at play.

Parents and athletes love the Source for Sports MDC as it provides much needed peace of mind to all stakeholders ensuring that should an accident occur there is vital information available to help the injured athlete. No matter where you are skating: the big game, early morning practice, on the pond or getting in some laps at public skating; your Source for Sports MDC has your back! Remember, always wear a helmet when skating and if in doubt about helmet fit, age or suitability come and see us for a professional fitting at your local Source for Sports store.

Here is what the EMS say about MDC in Canada.

“The Medical Data Carrier products are a simple and very effective means for anyone to provide 911 and EMS with this very crucial information. In addition to the medical information, the emergency contact and medical plan information on the MDC enables first responders to notify and provide medical administration (Hospital) with relevant information at the most crucial time."

Kelly Nash, Executive Director of The Paramedic Chiefs of Canada

“Access to patient medical data is crucial for Paramedics in the first few moments of a medical or trauma emergency. The Medical Data Carrier products are simple and make this information readily available.”

Chris Hood, President of the Paramedic Association of Canada