Tips For Buying Skis

Sports d'hiver Apr 14, 2021
Tips For Buying Skis

Quick Tips for Finding the Best Ski For You

You walk into a ski or snowboard shop and see a huge wall skis with hundreds of skis, snowboards, poles, and bindings. How do you choose the right skis for you? There are many factors that determine the best ski for you, but the 3 main ones are:

  • Your Skiing Ability
  • Preferred Type of Skiing
  • Skiing Location


Consider Your Skiing Ability

Skier ability will help determine the stiffness of ski required. Beginner skiers require a much softer ski. Soft skis make it easier to get on edge, and learn skiing quickly. As you become advanced and expert, skis become much more stiff and torsionally stable. This will allow you to corner faster at higher speeds, without any chatter or edge loss.


Type Of Skiing

Based on the type of skiing you like, you can determine the right turn radius. If you're more of a finesse skier, you'll want a ski with a longer turn radius. A more aggressive skier would want a tight turn radius to get those fast, tight, powerful turns.



Skiing Location

Depending on where you'll be skiing, the width of ski under foot can be determined. Small local hills warrant something more narrow under foot as the runs will be groomed, and you'll perform better on hard pack snow. For bigger mountain skiing, you'll do better with an all-mountain or full powder ski as they're wider under foot allowing you to perform much better in deeper, powder snow conditions.

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