Sher-Wood Rekker EK365 Stick Review

by Source For Sports Hockey Sher-Wood’s new Rekker EK365 stick is here to help you reach the highest level of performance.

Source For Sports | SherWood Hockey Rekker EK365 Stick

After years of development and numerous new technological advancements, Sher-Wood ’s new Rekker EK365 stick is here to help you reach the highest level of performance. With new features to give you a hard and accurate shot, and the feel to let you dangle your way through the defense, the Sher-Wood Rekker EK365 will help you to improve your game every single day.

Source For Sports | SherWood Hockey Rekker EK365 Stick

The Rekker EK365 is constructed with new 18K carbon fiber. This “Blackline” fibre features thinner fibers than traditional 12K carbon fiber, making the stick lighter and allowing it to respond quicker when shooting or receiving a pass.

Source For Sports | Sher-Wood Hockey Rekker EK365 Stick

The EK365 shaft also includes Sher-Wood’s new Dropkick Taper to give your shot the quickest release possible. The Dropkick Taper lowers the kick point of the stick by 10” to allow for more efficient loading and quicker release, making your shot harder with less effort.

Since the Blackline carbon fiber is so much thinner than traditional carbon fiber, the EK365 features new FlyLyte Technology, adding more layers of 18K carbon fiber to the interior of the shaft, to increase the stick’s durability for long lasting performance.

The Rekker EK365 shaft is infused with graphene, a nano-material that is 200 times stronger than steel. The graphene is injected into the common breakage points to give the stick incredible durability, to help it stand up to slapshots and slashes.

Source For Sports | Sherwood hockey Rekker EK365 Stick

The Sher-Wood Rekker EK365 also features Spear Shaft Technology, which places the shaft of the stick, deep into the heel of the blade, giving the stick a completely unified feel from the top of the shaft, to the toe of the blade. The blade of the EK365 also features the new VRF.2 Blade, which is fully covered with Blackline carbon fiber to give the stick optimal balance and uniform feel. The blade also includes a rigid carbon fiber bridge that spans the length of the blade, making it stiffer for a more accurate shot.

The most advanced Sher-Wood stick ever made, and the lightest stick on the market, the new Rekker EK365 stick will bring your game to the next level.

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