How To Choose The Right Figure Skate

by Source For Sports How To's & Tips Figure skaters are particular about boots and blades when choosing their figure skates.

Figure skaters are perhaps the most particular when it comes to boots and blades for their skates. The more competitive you become, the more expensive your skates will be. But if you’re just starting out in recreational skating, there are a few main points to consider to help you choose the right pair of figure skates:

  • Type of Skating/Level of Competitiveness
  • Boot Fit
  • Blade

Type of Figure Skating/Level of Competitiveness

Starting off with type of figure skating and the level of competitiveness is extremely important, because figure skates for higher levels of competition can become quite expensive compared to equipment for other winter sports. If you’re a beginner, Jackson makes some of the best entry level soft boot ice skates which do not require breaking in and are built for comfort. Soft boot ice skates are a great option for recreational skaters, but precise figure skating moves will prove more difficult.

Figure Skating Boot Fit

When it comes to boot fit, every experienced figure skater knows that you want to feel snug. You should be able to wiggle your toes without being able to move your whole foot around in the boot. Your heel should be comfortably positioned for maximum comfort and control. Boots for higher level skaters are constructed with tougher leather and require lots of ice time to break in, but for the recreational skater, you can achieve both the right fit and a high level of comfort right from the start.

Type of Blade

The type of blade you skate with is dependent on what you intend to do on the ice. Once again, the skate needs of recreational versus competitive skaters are quite different. At higher levels of competition, you’ll have to buy boots and blades separately to customize the fit and feel based on whether you’re skating in singles, synchro, or ice dance. This is due to the fact that different types of jumps, spins, and footwork are required in these types of figure skating. However, for learning to skate and basic recreational skating, most brands have reasonably priced options for boot and blade combos which are perfect for getting acquainted with the sport. No matter what level when sharpening your skates, be sure to go to a location that works with figure skates regularly to avoid any chance of ruining your skates’ toe picks.

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