Pro-Formance Advantage: Skate Fitting

by Source For Sports Hockey Our Pro-Formance Advantage Custom Fitting System is designed to put you in the right skate for your game.

Pro-Formance Advantage is a custom hockey skate fitting system designed to put you in the right skate for your game to increase your comfort, safety and performance on the ice.

At Source For Sports, we play the game. To ensure we are bringing you the best products available, we test the equipment, first hand, on ice before we bring them into our stores. This first-hand experience and knowledge means that we can match your strengths and style of game to the equipment that is best suited to you.

We won’t just put you in a pair of skates – we want to help you increase your speed and experience sharper turns and lighter feet in the third period.

We won’t just sell you a stick – we want to help you choose a stick to improve your shot and better your pass.




Learn More about the Pro-Formance Advantage Custom Fitting System:


From beginner to pro, Source For Sports will put you in the right gear for your game, at the right price. Elevate your game with the Pro-Formance Advantage:



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