How to Switch Your Skate Blades to Wheels


Don’t lose your stride during the off-season. Switch your blades for wheels to stay in game shape this spring. Most ice hockey skates can be converted to inline skates as long as your boots aren't heavily worn or damaged. Let’s find out how! 

Making the Switch

Switching from skate blade frames to wheels can be easy, but the process requires some specialty tools and finesse when removing or installing the chassis. A good skate riveting/removal unit will make the transition as simple as possible. First, you will need a drill with the correct drill bit to ensure the new holes are fit to mount the new chassis (wheel frame). Correct length rivets also must be used to secure the chassis on the boot properly. 

When shopping for new chassis' the size needs to match as closely as possible to your boot size. To make the switch as easy as possible we recommend making your drill marks with a marker or pencil at the toe and heel on the boot before drilling so the inline frames can be aligned correctly. Occasionally, (depending on the frame) your boot or sole may have to be modified to account for wheel clearance. 


Think all wheels are made equally? Think again! The surface type you plan to skate on will determine what type of wheels you will need. 

Outdoor wheels tend to be harder for durability and glide efficiency. Outdoor surfaces are far more abrasive than a smooth indoor surface, so you'll need wheels that won't wear away as quickly as a softer wheel!

Indoor surfaces require softer wheel compounds to provide more grip. This allows for better traction when accelerating and quick maneuverability. These indoor wheels often come in dual or triple compounds to maximize grip, speed, and power transfer. 

If you lack the tools or are uncomfortable doing the switch on your own - bring your skates to your local Source for Sports store and our expert staff will aid you with your ice-skate to inline transformation!


For expert advice on inline skates that is right for you, come see us at your local Source for Sports store near you. We Fit Your Game.

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