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by Source For Sports Hockey Play with an Edge is the motto of the Bauer Lightspeed Edge holder technology that is featured on every Bauer hockey skate and Source Exclusive Bauer hockey skates over $200.

Play With an Edge and Never Lose an Edge

Play with an Edge is the motto of the Bauer Lightspeed Edge holder technology that is featured on every Bauer hockey skate and Source Exclusive Bauer hockey skates over $200, and is available at your local Source For Sports Bauer hockey store.

Change Your Steel In Seconds

The technology from Bauer Hockey allows players to swap out their steel blades in a matter of seconds for a fresh new set of skate blades. Today when players lose an edge or have a blade crack, they have limited options of how to fix their skate. Meanwhile they’re losing valuable time on the ice that could impact their team’s outcome in the hockey game. Bauer Hockey has created a quick, easy, and effective solution so that a broken or dull skate blade won’t cost your team 2 valuable points – and you will never miss a shift again. Similar to how players bring extra sticks to a game in case one breaks, players can now carry a back-up set of steel in their bag.


Turn Tighter & Play Lighter On Your Feet

The Bauer Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder features a quick trigger release that allows players to change their steel with ease. Using the LS Edge tool, players can pop out a broken or dull blade in seconds without missing a beat on the ice. The holder has been raised an extra 3mm for a tighter turning radius and angle of attack. Get pucks faster in tighter areas with a turning radius that has been shortened by 7%. A light-weight aluminum blade, 27% lighter than standard steel, will give players the edge they need to out race opponents on the ice. It also gives players the ability to cut lower, sharper, and tighter without bottoming out. All Bauer TUUK holders will fit to any Bauer skate boot.

Have Blades For Any Condition

The blades can be sharpened to a player’s individual preference and having 2 sets of blades with different cuts can accommodate variances in ice surfaces in different rinks. Another great feature for travel players is they have the ability to have a spare blade sharpened by their regular Source For Sports hockey professional for consistency (or whoever else you prefer sharpening your skates); having to rely on an unfamiliar skate sharpener may lead to the blade being over/under sharpened causing reduced performance on the ice. An additional skate blade runner travel case can be purchased to protect the blades in your hockey bag.

6-Steps to Changing Steel

  1. To remove a blade, align the LS Edge slot tool with the runner so that it fits in the steel groove.
  2. Push the metal tip under the runner while pulling the trigger.
  3. Hold the trigger on the holder to pry out the runner. Remove the runner from the holder. Be careful when removing the sharp blade.
  4. To install a new blade, simply align the front hooks of the blade so that it is fully inserted into the holder.
  5. Using a towel, press or punch the blade into the holder. A “click” sound should be made once the blade has been pushed in correctly.
  6. A D-shape mark on the trigger indicates the runner has been successfully secured .

NHL star Alexander Ovechkin was one of the first to try the new blade and runner and was very impressed by the new technology, “Working with Bauer is great and the new LS Edge feature is another good reason why I chose to wear their equipment. The new blade helps me keep an edge on the ice when I play.”

Several Source Exclusive Bauer hockey skates in the Bauer Vapor, Supreme, and Nexus hockey skate line up include the Bauer Lightspeed Edge holder and blades, offering you high end features to increase your performance for incredible value.

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