How to Tape Your Baseball Bat


Baseball season is on deck! Are you ready?

Whether you just purchased a new bat, or last year's tape has lost its tackiness, here are a few tips to help you get a grip on your game:

Taping your baseball bat with grip helps the connection from your hands to the bat remain secure without having to overgrip the bat. This connection allows you to keep your wrist a little more flexible, creating more whip in your swing for greater bat speed!

Tape Types

When choosing your tape, keep in mind that there are two different types. Thinner tape will provide a better feel and feedback. Whereas a thicker tape will provide more cushioning and dampen vibration.  

The type of bat you use can also have an impact on which tape you choose. Our expert staff normally see wood bat users use a thinner grip (0.5mm) to allow for a better feel, giving instant feedback on mishits. Fastpitch users will often purchase a thicker grip (up to 1.8mm) to reduce vibration.  

Ultimately, the grip you use is a personal preference and you should choose the one that feels great in your hands. 

The Basics

With any tape type - you will want to start at the knob of the bat and work your way towards the barrel. Start with the tapered end of the tape and only overlap a few millimeters of tape to ensure the best feel. Keeping a slight tension on the tape as you go will help you avoid any ripples. Finish the grip at your desired height by trimming the end of the tape at an angle that will run perpendicular to the bat handle. Finally, Apply the finishing piece so that it half overlaps the tapered end you just cut.

The Extras

A new tape job will not only improve the look of your bat but increase the overall performance. 

Adding a knob at the end of the bat can prevent the batter from over-gripping the bat and allow you to extend through the ball more easily. You can add a flared-out knob by using cloth tape to build up the area before taping. 

For additional added grip, try using cloth tape to do a spiral pattern and incorporate pine tar. This will give you a textured feel for a more secure grip on the bat. 

If you can’t maintain a solid grip without over gripping, apply a new tape texture, and put in a little practice — you will increase your bat speed and before long you'll start perfecting the perfect bat flip as you trot around the bases!

If you're still a little unsure of tape technique or which type is best for your game, come in to your local Source for Sports and speak with a Baseball expert today!


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