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Hockey Hygiene How-To

After a hard-fought 60 minutes, cleaning gear is the last thing on your mind. But as we head back onto the ice, having good hockey hygiene will be crucial to staying safe. Luckily, there are some easy ways to keep your gear clean and healthy.

by Source For Sports Hockey

Precision Balanced Skate Sharpening

At Source For Sports, we take your game seriously. The Precision Balance Skate Sharpening and Contouring System can elevate your performance and your game.

by Source For Sports Hockey

How To Tape a Hockey Stick

A Beginner's step-by-step guide to taping a Hockey stick, for the players and goalies wanting learning to do it on their own!

by Source For Sports Hockey

CCM FitLite 500 Helmet Review

The most important piece of equipment is your helmet. In a high-impact sport like hockey, proper head protection is a must.

by Source For Sports Hockey

Pro-Formance Advantage: Skate Fitting

In hockey, skating is everything. Pro-Formance Advantage is a custom fitting system designed to put you in the right skate for your game to increase your comfort, safety and performance on the ice.

by Source For Sports Hockey

CCM RBZ FT1 Stick Review

The CCM RBZ hockey sticks have always delivered exceptional responsiveness and shot power and the new CCM RBZ FT1 stick is no different.

by Source For Sports Hockey

Source Exclusive Bauer Supreme Matrix Stick

Developed directly with Bauer and Source For Sports, the new Source Exclusive Bauer Supreme Matrix hockey stick is engineered to deliver top of the line performance and features at an affordable price.

by Source For Sports Hockey

Source Exclusive Bauer Vapor Skates Review

Source For Sports has worked in collaboration with Bauer to design five Source Exclusive Bauer skate models that include numerous upgrades for a higher quality skate at a lower price.

by Source For Sports Hockey

Bauer Supreme 1S Hockey Stick Review

Updated for 2017, the new Bauer Supreme 1S stick is one of the most technologically advanced sticks ever made to give you the most powerful and accurate shot possible.

by Source For Sports Hockey

Hockey Skates Tips & Advice

At Source For Sports, our hockey professionals know the gear inside and out. Our Pro-Formance Advantage Custom Fitting System ensures that you receive the proper fit and understanding of why the product works for you, no matter what level you play.

by Source For Sports Hockey

Superfeet Insoles for Hockey Skates

Superfeet Yellow Premium Insoles offer heel and foot support for all players in hockey skates offering increased comfort, fit, and performance on the ice.

by Source For Sports Hockey

Goaltending is Simple

The great thing about being a goalie is that you don't have to go anywhere on the ice to create anything on the ice. Let the game come to you.

by Rod Kirk, The Goalie Guy Hockey

Women's Hockey Equipment

As a female hockey player, it is extremely important that you have a professional fit you for your hockey equipment.

by Source For Sports Hockey

How to Fit Hockey Pants

Maximize your comfort and protection with proper fitting hockey pants and equipment. Learn the basics when it comes to fitting hockey pants.

by Source For Sports Hockey

How To Fit Hockey Shinguards

Hockey shin guards are designed to protect a player’s legs from pucks, slashes, impacts and skate blades, and are an important part of the complete protection series.

by Source For Sports Hockey

TRUE XCORE 7 Hockey Stick Review

If you’re looking for a hockey stick with a familiar feel but has the latest and greatest technology, TRUE’s got you covered with the XCORE 7.

by Source For Sports Hockey


As a Canadian role model with 2 Gold Medals in Olympic Women's Hockey, Cheryl Pounder discusses the impact we have on young female athletes.

by Cheryl Pounder Hockey

Nutrition for Hockey Players

If you have a son or daughter playing ice hockey, eating nutritious meals is critical to fuelling their body on the ice. Source For Sports has you covered.

by Zeina Khawam, R.D. Hockey

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Women's Hockey in Canada

The Strictly Girls Hockey School and Source For Sports have been partners for many years to support and encourage young female athletes to participate in hockey.

by Source For Sports Hockey

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