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About Brian's Source For Sports, Windsor

Brian's Source For Sports located in Windsor, Ontario, is a member of Canada's largest sports buying group, and is affiliated with over 150 other Source For Sports stores across Canada. This membership gives us access to top level products at competitive prices.

We are a locally owned sporting good and service retailer, specializing in Hockey Equipment, Hockey Skates for sale, Hockey Sticks for sale, Figure Skating Equipment, Figure Skates for sale, and specialize and are known as fitting experts in both hockey and figure skating. Custom quality team uniforms, custom apparel and made to order equipment is also available at Brian's Sports Source For Sports. We utilize The Pro-Formance Advantage Custom Fitting System to ensure a safe and proper fit every time.

We're Your Local Equipment & Skate Fitting Experts Offering The Best Skate Sharpening You've Experienced

Internationally known for our expertise in skates, we guarantee that you will agree we are the leaders when it comes to fitting your feet with that perfect pair of skates. Whether you are a hockey player, figure skater, recreational skater, beginner or pro, you can expect a perfect fit and increased performance after visiting our sports store. 

Your feet and a proper fit is where it all begins. Proper skate fitting, skate customization, blade alignment, profiling and skate sharpening are our areas we specialize in providing expert knowledge that will improve your skating. Proper blade alignment is crucial in having a properly fit pair of skates, and is so often overlooked. We will correct your pronation or supination, which will enhance your speed, power, balance, comfort and overall performance. 

Skate profiling and blade shape is another key component in enhancing your skating performance. Our technical staff will help determine the proper amount of blade on the ice depending on your skating technique and preference through our thorough Pro-Formance Advantage Custom Skate Fitting process. We will top it all off with our world renowned skate sharpening. Come and feel the Brian’s difference, and elevate your game.

Stop by and see what Brian's Source For Sports has to offer.

Sports We Specialize In

Each Source For Sports across Canada is unique in its own way. We specialize in offering Professional Custom Hockey & Figure Skate Fitting, Hockey Equipment & Accessories, and Figure Skating Equipment & Accessories.

Hockey Services & Repair

  • Skate Customization
  • Hockey Skates
  • Hockey Sticks
  • Hockey Protective Equipment

Figure Skating Services & Repair

  • Professional Figure Skate Sharpening
  • Skate Customization
  • Figure Skates
  • Figure Skating Accessories
  • Equipment Customization
  • Sani Sport Equipment Sanitizing

Skate Sharpening Services

  • Skate Sharpening
  • Skate Customization
  • Skate Profiling
  • Blade Contouring
  • Blade Rockering
  • Skate Heat Molding
  • Blade Alignment
  • Blade Mounting
  • Heat Molding
  • Skate Stretching
  • Skate Punching
  • Skate & Equipment Repair
  • Holder Installation
  • Runner Installation
  • Rivet Replacement
  • Eyelet Replacement 

Team & League Uniforms

  • Custom Apparel
  • Custom Equipment
  • Custom Corporate Apparel
  • Custom Promotional Products
  • Custom Tournament Apparel
  • Heat Pressing

About Source For Sports

Each Source For Sports store across Canada is unique and is independently owned by a member of the local community who specializes in the sports and services that fit the needs of the community it serves. Our slogan, “We Know Our Stuff”, is a common theme amongst all Source For Sports stores, where you get personal, specialty store service combined with big box store prices. From beginner to pro, Source For Sports will put you in the right gear for your game.

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